National Trust

The National Trust is the largest heritage & conservation NGO and private land owner (+250,000Ha) in the UK.  This includes both upland and lowland stretches of river catchments. The Trust is a keen promoter of natural flood management and measures that improve biodiversity and deliver socio-economic benefits. The NT is also a major farmer and is a leader in the development of high nature value but commercial farming that develops multiple public benefits including soil and water quality, flood control, access and biodiversity benefits. The Trust also has an excellent record in stakeholder engagement, participation and in working with residents and policy makers to make positive changes.

NT is a large land manager, mainly in rural areas, being one of the largest landowners in England. Adaptation to climate change is one of its key priorities. Co-Adapt will help in the development of new approaches to work with tenants of NT land, and directly on its estates, to design and deliver adaptation measures..

National Trust
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