Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group SouthWest (FWAG SouthWest)

FWAG SW is the leading landowner and land manager facing advisory body in the South West of England, it is therefore well placed to engage with this part of the community.

FWAG SW has staff actively involved with practical land management and proven track record in working with natural processes to manage flooding in Somerset. FWAG SW has worked on Natural Flood Management and floodplain restoration projects for the past 17 years and has led on the Land Management workstream of the Somerset Flood Action Plan after the 2014 Somerset Floods.

FWAG SW is keen to see large scale adaptation on the Somerset Levels and Moors to make this farmed wetland more resilient to climatic variation with wetter winters and drier summers. As the leading land management advisory body in Somerset, this project will help develop FWAG SW’s capacity and ability to bring land based businesses, local community groups, water managers and nature based organisations together to deliver long-term nature based solutions to the flooding and drought problems on the Somerset Levels. This project will also help FWAG SW develop the important principle of land based businesses working collaboratively for commonly agreed goals.

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