The active participation of end-users (i.e. at-risk communities, landowners), as initiator; co-designer;
co-implementer to develop strategies and interventions

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Adaption Pathways

A planning approach addressing the uncertainty and challenges of climate change decision‐making

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NB & NP Solutions

Engineering solutions for societal challenges that are inspired by processes and functioning of nature

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The Problem

Across NW Europe, unsustainable urban and rural development and land management practices have degraded ecosystems and the natural water management processes, causing flooding, pollution and exacerbating the effects of drought.
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The Solution

Co-Adapt will develop and roll-out approaches to co-creation of Nature Based Solutions and Natural Process Solutions to improve our adaptive capacity to the water-related effects of climate change.
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Co-Adapt will:

  1. Directly decrease risk of flood & drought to 30,000ha through co-created Nature Based Solutions, leading to €5.4M of savings from reduced damages, and €5.8M of savings compared to using traditional hard engineering
  2. Provide 12,370 properties with enhanced flood protection
  3. Involve 3000 stakeholders in co-creation leading to changed public attitudes to water & climate risks, 80% of participants feeling involved and supporting NBS measures
  4. Co-Adapt approach used by 50 organisations.



The Farming & Wildlife Advisory Group SouthWest (FWAG SouthWest) is a registered charity representing the region’s farmers and landowners in the delivery of wildlife conservation.

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Somerset Wildlife Trust

Somerset Wildlife Trust is one of 46 Wildlife Trusts working across the UK. We are a science-led movement focused on restoring habitats to support a wide range of wildlife and restore natural processes

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The Open University

The Open University of the Netherlands is a Dutch institution for distance learning at university level. It is an independent government-funded university

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